Can I just ask you guys again to please check the tags before asking because we’ve been getting A LOT of asks for subjects we’ve already covered 

Here’s cute Jongin for reading this


- K

Thursday May 1 @ 04:28am

Okay I’m opening the ask so send your questions in guys~

Saturday Apr 26 @ 09:56pm

Anonymous said: What would Tao say or do if he saw you with just his shirt on when he came back home after practice?? what if you even cooked his fav meal and light candles up for a romantic-ish dinner??

Tao would love this. I see him having a really romantic side and he would love to see the caring side of the person he loves. He would probably back hug you when he sees you in his shirt and maybe sit on you on his lap for a while before allowing you to take your own seat to eat the meal you made together. He probably wouldn’t eat too much of it so he wasn’t so full…later on. 

- K

Wednesday Apr 23 @ 11:10pm

Anonymous said: How would Kyungsoo handle his sexual frustration while on tour? Like would he call his gf or just leaver her out of it, or maybe skype =)

I see Kyungsoo being able to abstain from sex quite easily (masturbation not so much) so I can see him participating in phone sex/cam sex if his girlfriend initiated it but I can’t really see him starting it unless he was away for a really long time, he might break then.

- K

Wednesday Apr 9 @ 10:48pm

Anonymous said: i was just wondering how the china line would react if you were Chinese but couldn't speak Chinese fluently? btw, i love your blog keep up the good work! <3

…Do we want to include Kris in China line? Technically he’s not but oh well I’ll do it anyway.

Lu Han would probably be really confused, and ask if you lived somewhere else or something. If you were trying to improve your Chinese, he’d help you out happily and he’d eventually find it really cute. 

Kris would straight up assume you were born/raised somewhere else, and if you spoke English or Korean fluently instead, he’d converse with you that way instead. He’d help you improve your Chinese if you wanted him to. 

- S 

Yixing would probably be really interested in your upbringing. He would then ask if you ever thought of learning it but unless you guys were a couple I doubt he would care if you had no interest in it.

Tao would assume you were American instead and maybe sneakily test how much Chinese you could speak. He would also be curious about whether you ever want to learn it fluently. 

- K

Wednesday Apr 9 @ 10:44pm

Anonymous said: Sometimes when I visit my cousin I like to carry on fake conversations with him (he's 1 haha) How would Kyungsoo, Suho, Kris and Xiumin react if they caught their wife having a conversation with their 1 year old?" please could you do that to luhan\ baek\sehun please and i love you i wanna thank for answering us all the time have some strength . . love ya

'Answering all the time' if only this were true!!! But thank you so much for your support, it means a lot to us, and it’s the biggest reason we always come back to write more! We love you too <3 

Lu Han would be so cute seeing this haha. He’d see this and not be able to stop smiling and he’d be cooing and he’d have to come over and get involved because he just can’t deal with how cute his family are!

Sehun would be very similar to Lu Han in the cooing and being all smiley sense. He’d have to come over, because he’s away so much he’d cherish moments like this. He’d come and sit beside you and join the conversation happily. 

- S 

For some reason I see Baek getting into this. He would completely play along with you guys joining in the conversation as soon as he realized what you were doing. I think he would die if the baby started gurgling because the dumb ass would think the child was responding to him. (I promise I like Baekhyun) 

- K 

Wednesday Apr 9 @ 10:39pm

hannibal6899 said: Let's say that you're also a Kpop idol and you fainted on stage from being sick and they weren't able to come see if you were okay because of a busy schedule what would they do? (It's for Xiumin/ Lay/ Luhan)

Minseok would be really mature about this. He’d be super worried, of course, but he’d just call or text your manager and make sure you were ok. He’d ask them to keep him updated and he’d come and see you as soon as he was able.

Lu Han would be frantic. He’d be trying to call you constantly and if you weren’t answering he’d panic more. He’d probably mess up on his stages or look too nervous in photoshoots. He’d check his phone and news portals every two minutes until he got an update from you or your manager. 

- S 

Lay would be very scared and worried but I also believe that he can calm himself down quite easily so he wouldn’t appear to be too nerve-wracked. He would call you and your managers and arrange for his manager or other idol friends to use their contacts to find out how you are. As soon as he found out any information he would make arrangements to come and see you. 

- K

Wednesday Apr 9 @ 10:33pm

Anonymous said: What would Kai/Chen/Xiumin/Suho do if they got turned on in public? The saw you and the imagining started (sry if you don't do that much people)

Jongdae would just be like ‘babe we need to go home ok.’ And when you ask him if he’s okay or feeling sick, he’d be like ‘yah do I look sick, I need you, let’s go.’ And drag you off home. Tbh even if you guys were doing something important he’d just be like ‘Yeah we forgot something at home.’ 

Minseok would be try to keep it under wraps for as long as he could. But, if you were wearing something even remotely revealing/clingy or did anything that made him worse he’d just be like ‘can we please go home. Now?’ 

Suho would never want to drag you home just for sex, so he’d suffer all day. You’d keep asking him if he felt alright because he’d be forcing smiles and just generally looking like he’s gonna pass out, but once you got back to the car or to your place he’d be all over you. 

- S 

I feel like Kai can go two different ways here. He could either be so turned on to give a fuck or try to completely ignore the urges he has. It’s a 50/50 here for me. If he didn’t care anymore he might whisper to you telling you he wants you and just generally try to attract your attention to him. Otherwise he would distract his attention from his thoughts.

- K

Wednesday Apr 9 @ 10:29pm

Anonymous said: Hello hello! How would Kris/Chanyeol/Suho react if you're usually pretty funny & sweet & silly, but when you talk about what you want to major in psychology(like me^^) or something really professional, you sound really serious & super intelligent? (Hope this makes sense^^) love your blog! <3

It does make sense!! I know plenty of people like this~ 

Kris would be a bit confused at first and maybe tease you like ‘where’d my dorky girlfriend go? Who are you?’ but he’d be happy to listen to you talk about your major or your work because he’d be proud of you having such great interest in your career.

Suho would be super proud of you just hearing you talk about something you love like that. He’d be really happy his girlfriend knows what her niche is, because a lot of people don’t, and he’d encourage that and ask you questions about it to keep you talking because he’d love this side of you. 

- S 

Chanyeol would love this. It’s always an awesome moment in a friendship/relationship when you can have a deep conversation about things you want to accomplish in life and when it’s the complete opposite it can be a great surprise, and I definitely think it’s a surprise Chanyeol would like. He would ask you what attracted you to this major and be genuinely intrigued that you had this hidden side of you. 

- K

Wednesday Apr 9 @ 10:26pm

Anonymous said: Just found this place. Love it already. So, how would Kris/Luhan/Kai react if they liked you but hadn't confesed yet and you were playing spin the bottle with a big group of people. how would they feel when you had to kiss other guys and then when they got their chance to kiss you?

Kris would probably be really bothered about it and sulk but he’d play it off and just join in with the other players teasing you about it. When he got his chance to kiss you he’d pretend to be super nonchalant about it but he’d make sure it wasn’t just a peck on the lips, he’d want you to remember it! 

Lu Han on the other hand might be a bit more obvious lmao. His friends would probably already know that he liked you so they’d try to lighten him up by teasing and playing around, but he’d just feel like smacking every guy you kissed. When it came to his turn, he’d be pretty embarrassed so he’d give you the quickest kiss possible lmao. 

- S 

Well as Kai is pretty young still I think he would be quite jealous. He would also reason with himself that it’s just a game and you’re not in a relationship with this person so there’s no need to dwell. When it came to kissing you he would probably be pretty bashful and it would be a really quick peck. 

- K

Wednesday Apr 9 @ 10:22pm

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